The Coolidge Scholars Program is a program of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

The Coolidge Foundation is the official foundation dedicated to preserving the legacy and promoting the values of America’s 30th president. The Foundation was formed in 1960 by John Coolidge, the president’s son, along with a group of fellow Coolidge enthusiasts. The Foundation is based at the president’s birthplace in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. It seeks to greatly increase Americans’ understanding of President Coolidge and the values he promoted.

In the absence of an official presidential library, the Coolidge Foundation maintains a collection of Coolidge-related papers and effects, operates a website with Coolidge materials, and conducts research on President Coolidge. The Foundation partners with the State of Vermont — which manages the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth Notch — to encourage more Americans to acquaint themselves with Coolidge by visiting the historic site.

Coolidge Birthplace and Church

The Foundation hosts educational programs both in Plymouth Notch and across the country. In addition to hosting school groups, conferences, symposia, lectures, and public events, the Foundation operates a major debate program that brings hundreds of high schoolers to Plymouth Notch each summer to learn about Coolidge and debate topics related to presidential decision making.

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