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2019 Winners of Coolidge Scholarship Announced

PLYMOUTH NOTCH, Vt., May 22, 2019 — The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation is pleased to announce the four recipients of the 2019 Coolidge Scholarship. This year more than 3,400 students, the most ever, competed for this full-ride merit scholarship, which can be used at any accredited college or university in the United States. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, room, and board for four years of undergraduate study. In addition to the four Scholars, the Foundation has named the top 100 overall applicants Coolidge Senators.

The recipients of the 2019 full-ride Coolidge Scholarship are:

Nico Brayton, Middlebury, Vermont, Middlebury Union High School
Julianna Lee, Demarest, New Jersey, Northern Valley Regional High School
Katherine McPhie, Irvine, California, University High School
Mitchell Robson, Marblehead, Massachusetts, St. John’s Preparatory School

Bios for each recipient can be viewed here.

These recipients emerged from a group of twelve distinguished finalists, including:

Aishani AatreshSaratoga, California
Aidan BellSan Diego, California
Anna BrooksRichmond, Texas
Katherine HeRacho Palos Verdes, California
Tiana LuoChicago, Illinois
Sophia PribusRiverwoods, Illinois
Jacob SimmonsSandy, Utah
Savitha SrinivasanBellevue, Washington

The Coolidge Scholarship and Senator Programs honor America’s thirtieth president and seek to elevate the values for which President Coolidge stood. This year, in addition to other requirements, all applicants completed two essays on Coolidge, including one asking how Coolidge would address the federal debt of today. “Americans underrate Coolidge,” said Amity Shlaes, Coolidge Foundation chairman, noting that Coolidge led Congress in cutting the debt of the 1920s. “We are pleased that 3,400 of America’s brightest minds have had the chance to get to know Coolidge’s values and achievements this year. It was wonderful to see the variety of solutions these young thinkers came up with,” Shlaes said.

The main criterion that distinguishes Coolidge Scholars and Senators is academic excellence. Students must also demonstrate a keen interest in public policy, an appreciation for the values Coolidge championed, a record of service, and humility. The Scholarship is non-partisan and winners may pursue any academic discipline they choose.

Matthew Denhart, Coolidge Foundation president, remarked, “Since the launch of the Scholarship and Senator Programs four years ago, thousands of America’s most promising future leaders have been drawn to Coolidge. We are pleased with the impact these programs are having in introducing the lessons and values of our thirtieth president to today’s young people.”

Students apply for the scholarship during their junior year of high school. Coolidge Scholars are selected through a multi-stage review process. Semifinalist juries meet across the country to consider top applicants. Twelve finalists are invited to Finalist Interview Weekend at the Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, where they interview with the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury, chaired by former Vermont governor and Coolidge Foundation Vice-Chairman James H. Douglas.

Speaking on behalf of the finalist jury, Gov. Douglas said: “Year after year we are impressed by the level of achievement demonstrated by Coolidge Scholarship applicants. This makes the work of our juries difficult, but leaves us confident that America’s future is in good hands. It is an honor for the Coolidge Foundation to invest in these young people and we look forward to following their successes for years to come.”

Over the summer, both scholarship winners and Coolidge Senators are invited to participate in the Coolidge Senators’ Summit, an education program, in Washington, DC. Each of the Coolidge Senators also receive a modest, one-time, scholarship.

The top 100 applicants to the Coolidge Scholarship have earned the distinction of Coolidge Senator.

Aishani Aatresh, California
Divya Aggarwal, Michigan
Matthew Allana, California
Alex Bavalsky, New York
Olivia Bell, Illinois
Aidan Bell, California
Logan Bell, Ohio
Sanjit Beriwal, Pennsylvania
Nico Brayton, Vermont
Evelyn Bodoni, Colorado
Inko Bovenzi, New York
Dickson Bowman, Georgia
Jack Boylan, Kentucky
Ryan Brady, Ohio
Anna Brooks, Texas
Tyler Burkhardt, Nevada
Francisco Camacho, Tennessee
Jai Chadha, Minnesota
Milo Chang, California
Richard Chapman, North Dakota
Emily Chen, Maryland
Amber Chow, Arizona
Grant Cooper, Florida
Caroline Cunningham, Virginia
Olivia D’Angelo, Pennsylvania
Taylor Fang, Utah
Nathaniel Fernandes, Texas
Raghav Ganesh, California
Sakshi Garg, Arkansas
Gabriela Garity, Florida
Sterling Hall, North Carolina
Katherine He, California
Ofir Horovitz, Washington
Dylan Hu, Illinois
Charles Huang, Minnesota
Nathaniel Ijams, Oklahoma
Anthony Insalaco, Arizona
Baird Johnson, New York
Lena Jones, California
Malaina Kapoor, California
Aman Kapoor, North Carolina
Rohit Kataria, Ohio
Anoushka Kathiravan, Arizona
Rahul Kaukuntla, Pennsylvania
Ashley Kim, New Jersey
Katherine Kingsbury, Illinois
Raleigh Kreis, Nebraska
Simone Kwee, North Carolina
Julianna Lee, New Jersey
Kyle Lewis, Colorado
Reia Li, Arizona
Kaitlin Lim, California
Joanna Lin, North Dakota
Max Lin, Oregon
Eric Liu, Michigan
Tian Chen Luo, Illinois
Maya Mastick, Hawaii
Ellie Rose Mattoon, Texas
Katherine McPhie, California
Divya Mehrish, New York
Sabrina Meng, Illinois
Rhea Mitr, California
Aarthi Muthukumar, California
Rohit Narayanan, Singapore
Aditi Narayanan, Arizona
Patrick Newcombe, Maryland
Shaan Parekh, Texas
John Passyn, Pennsylvania
Sreya Pattipati, Arizona
Bhavana Pavuluri, Kentucky
Sarah Pedersen, Kentucky
Cindy Phan, Utah
Jason Ping, New Jersey
Sahil Pontula, North Carolina
Sophia Pribus, Illinois
Adrian Rafizadeh, California
Rishabh Raniwala, Connecticut
Mitchell Robson, Massachusetts
Ray Sakamoto, Hawaii
Pranav Senthilvel, Kentucky
Eugene Seong, Pennsylvania
Kabir Sheth, Indiana
Jacob Simmons, Utah
Anna Smith, Montana
Savitha Srinivasan, Washington
Kevin Tang, New Jersey
Teddy Tawil, New York
Shevani Tewari, Maryland
Ashish Thakur, California
Rachel Thompson, California
Jack Tierney, California
Luke Tyson, Pennsylvania
Morris Wan, Georgia
Ethan Yan, California
Andrew Yan, New Jersey
Alan Yeung, New Jersey
Albert Zhang, Georgia
Alan Zhang, Michigan
Lawrence Zhang, Alabama
Annie Zhi, Texas

For more information about the Coolidge Scholarship and Senator Programs, please visit

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