What Coolidge Senators have to say about the Summit…

“The Coolidge Senators Summit was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with exceptional students from around the country and to hear from accomplished speakers. I would 100% recommend applying for the Coolidge Scholarship!”

“This program was invaluable and provided excellent professional and academic development. Because of my participation with the Coolidge foundation and the advice and experiences afforded me I feel better prepared to go forward in life.”

“I met so many future leaders this weekend. The opportunity to converse with people of different backgrounds, different beliefs, and different experiences was priceless.”

“At the Coolidge Senators Program, I truly felt like I explored the heart of the country, learned more about President Calvin Coolidge, and challenged myself to be the best person I can be. I was surrounded by brilliant and amazing people and ended up visiting places I have never gone to and participated in debates I could have never imagined.”

“Whether you love politics, art, science, or everything in between, Senators’ Weekend and the people in it will truly be one of the most incredible and eye-opening experiences of your life.”

“The Coolidge Senators Summit is a great opportunity to spend a weekend feeling optimistic about the country’s future and your own future. I had an amazing time learning from all of my incredible fellow scholars. The political diversity was quite impressive as was the array of extracurriculars that the Senators are involved in. I made friends who I hope will last for the rest of my life, I heard from speakers who changed my perspective on my future career, and I gained a renewed vigor to face my senior year. And most importantly, President Coolidge offers such insight into our political atmosphere today and I think we Americans could do well to learn from our 30th president.”

“The Coolidge Senators Summit was the highlight of my summer. The Summit provided my first opportunity to truly travel independent of my family, but also connected me with dozens of other bright and motivated students. The latter point is especially notable as I generally have trouble connecting with my peers, but I was able to relate to the other Coolidge Senators. The experience was altogether enjoyable, with tours of some of the most important federal buildings, nights spent at a five-star hotel, high-quality dining, and helpful and interesting seminars from distinguished speakers. I only wish that we could have stayed longer.”

“The Summit was a phenomenal experience! I was very happy with my time at the Willard, and even though I have been to DC before, this experience was entirely different. I found myself learning things about the government’s inter-workings that I could never have gotten in any AP US Government or AP US History course. We got to experience all three branches first-hand, as well as interact with speakers from different fields and backgrounds. Furthermore, I got to meet like-minded students from across the nation, and I believe these connections will last far beyond the Summit.”

“…Elements of my country’s history that I had not previously known about have been illuminated for me by way of my participation in the Summit.”

“The Coolidge Senators’ Summit is the single best weekend I have had my entire life for self growth. They took us to the room where it happens. The Supreme Court Building, the White House, the Chamber of the House of Representatives. Moreover, they let us hear from the people who make those decisions. The Clerk of a Justice, the Commissioner of an Executive Agency, a former Congressman, a former governor, an active District Attorney…”

“Even as a student who doesn’t have the greatest interest in politics and public topics, the Coolidge Summit was an unforgettable experience that opened my eyes to the potential of the future…”

“…I most enjoyed getting to meet and interact with other Coolidge Senators. The other Senators engaged with me in some of the most stimulating conversations I have ever had with teenagers. I am so grateful that I was included in this group of students, whom uniquely relative to most their age, valued knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and the evaluation of ideas by logical thinking.”

“The Coolidge Senator experience was fantastic all around. The connections you can form in just three days with some of the most interesting people from all over the country are incredible.”