• How should I complete the “High School Information” section?
  1. For the “High School Name” box, please simply write “Home School”.
  2. For the “High School Address” section, please denote the address where you complete the majority of your learning. This likely is your home address.
  3. For the “High School Counselor” section, please include the name and contact information of the person who has served as your primary home school instructor. It is permissible for this person to be related to you (e.g. a parent).
  • How should I denote my GPA and Class Rank? We realize that home-schooled students may not have a GPA or a class rank. In such an instance, please simply select the options: “My school does not provide a cumulative GPA” and/or “My school does not rank students and will not provide a percentile to report on this application.”
  • I have been a home school student but also have taken courses online, at a local college, at a traditional high school, etc. How should I complete the GPA and Class Rank sections? If you have completed coursework from a number of different institutions, (online classes, college courses, traditional high school courses, etc.) please include the GPA from the institution where you were/have been enrolled for the longest period of time. Please follow this guideline when completing the boxes for class rank and class size as well.
  • Since I am a home school student I do not have a traditional transcript. What should I upload for this requirement? If you do not have a transcript, please upload as a PDF a sheet on which you list all the courses you have completed and any relevant information about the grade or evaluation you received for each course.
  • I have completed coursework through a number of institutions (e.g. home school, traditional high school, online courses, local college, etc.) and therefore have multiple transcripts. How should I upload these multiple transcripts since the online application only allows one file to be uploaded? If you have multiple transcripts from multiple institutions (e.g. online classes, college courses, home school courses, etc.) please merge them all together and upload them as one single PDF file.
  • Your instructions state that I must solicit a recommendation letter from a person who can speak to my academic abilities, but your requirements also state recommenders cannot be related to the applicant. Since my teachers are family members (or online teachers who do not know me well), who should I use for the academic reference letter? Please find someone who is not related to you who can best speak to your intellectual accomplishments and abilities. This relationship can be formal or informal, but please request that your letter writer explain his/her relationship to you in the letter. Please be sure you do not select the same person to write both your references.